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Q : How long will it take for my order to be processed?

A : Orders only go into production after payment is received. The production window is approximately 48 hours. Larger orders may take a little longer. Shipping times are then dependent on the delivery location and can range from 1 to 6 business days.

Q : What type of materials do you use?

A : Depending on the preferences you select when ordering. Here is the list of materials/substrates we use :
S/Adhesive Vinyl Sticker – Heavy duty flexible self adhesive sticker. Can adhere to virtually any clean, dry surface. Well suited to flat or soft curved texture.
Polypropylene (Thick Plastic) – Polypropylene is a UV stable 1.mm thick plastic that is great for permanent indoor use as well as semi-permanent use outside in direct sunlight. Comes with rounded corners and pre-drilled holes in each corner ready for mounting.
Metal (ColorBond) – 0.55mm thick sheet metal. All signs come with radius corners and 4 pre-drilled holes in each corner ready for mounting. Metals signs are heavy duty and great for permanent use inside and outside in all weather conditions. All signs are suitable for inside and outside use.
Magnetic - A strong, 0.9mm flexible magnet material has excellent holding force suitable and is flexible yet tough and weather resistant. Suitable for use on cars, trucks, trailers, safety signs, A-Boards and all outdoor metallic surface signage applications.

Q : Can you make up other signs that are not listed on your website ?

A : Yes sure, if you look for the Custom Signs category, you will see a cache of common templates there, which you can add you own text into. We realise that we won’t have a sign for everyone's needs, so we can make up whatever you wish for. OR Contact us with your requirements and our friendly customer service staff will create a Sign to your specifications at no extra cost!

Q : What size sign do I need ?

A : We have a guide for you on the Size Guide page. You should also check as to what the Australian Standards require for your signs.

Q : What is the difference with Class 1 Reflective and Class 2 Reflective ?

A : Class 2 Reflective Signs are ideal for non-critical, off-road situations that require high visibility in poor or low light conditions. These situations would include work premises signage, carparks, properties, shopping centers, general signage, private roads etc.

Class 1 Reflective is the higher grade of reflectivity, and it is identifiable by its honeycomb pattern.  Class 1 reflective is used where high visibility is required for 24 hours of the day. It is a premium grade reflective, that reflects light from wide angles. All signs used on a public road must be Class 1 to comply. This would include all road signs, street signs, speed limit signs and roadwork signage to name a few.

Q : Do you import these signs from overseas ?

A : No, we make our own signs from materials locally sourced.

Q : Do your prices include GST?

A : Absolutely. All pricing on the K2K Signs website is inclusive of GST.

Q : Do you offer free shipping?

A : Yes we do!.. We offer Free shipping Australia wide on all orders.