Ten Facts You Never Knew About Understanding Construction Site Safety Signs

Every worker must be aware of the potential health hazards they might face in their workplace. The safety signage is installed to depict essential information about the dangers and risks and what a person can do to avoid them. 

The construction site signs are the essential safety tools that keep people informed about the potential health hazards. The signage is posted on the construction sites to create a safe environment at the workplace. Apart from reminding the workers about the hazards and how to avoid them, the signs can also be used to enhance the safety levels. 

Here we’re going to list 10 important facts to help you understand the importance of construction site signs. 

  1. Violation- Failing to place the safety signage is a direct violation of zoning laws and regulations. In case an accident occurs during the absence of the construction signs, then the entire construction crew will be held responsible.
  2. Universally recognisable- The construction signage printed in different colours have meanings. The danger sign is usually depicted in black, white, or red colour. Yellow colour signage with black panels represent caution. Blue and white pictographs are used to show mandatory instructions whereas green letters pictographs indicate safety instructions.
  3. Visual based- The universal construction site signs are mostly pictograph-based. It enables the workers to read and understand the signs despite the language barrier. 
  4. Initial training- The meaning of each sign is explained to the workers during the induction. It helps them assess the risk levels and learn about safety rules and regulations beforehand. For instance, some signs remind the workers to wear protective gear and safety equipment at the worksite.
  5. Risk level- The construction site signs are associated with the level of risks. Each sign is carefully selected according to a set of specific guidelines. For addressing any physical related injury, a caution sign is used. For serious injuries or death, a warning or danger sign is placed. 
  6. Mandatory signs- Did you know some signs are mandatory to be installed? These signs indicate something that you must do or follow while on a worksite. For example, wear your safety helmet or Keep out. These signs are designed with white lettering and consists of a blue background.
  7. Safe sign- The safe construction site signs alert people and show the direction to the safe place. These signs will let you know where the first aid kit is or the way to the fire exit. The safe condition signs are printed in green colour with a white symbol or easy to read text.
  8. Prohibition sign- Mostly, this sign is placed at the site’s entrance. The sign has a red circle with a crossbar and consists of a white plain background with a black letter for improved visibility. The purpose of the sign is to instruct the workers to stop entering the premises. 
  9. Combination sign- This type of construction site signs gives out multiple messages. You can use it to depict a danger sign along with the message- this is a hazardous area, do not enter. Or you can put up a prohibition sign that also shows– ‘No authorised entry.’
  10. Safety strategy- Australia has a work health and safety strategy to reduce work-related fatalities and injuries in the construction industry. All the site owners must install quality construction signs and create a safe working environment for the employees.

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