The Modern Rules of How and Where to Post CCTV Signs

The technologically advanced CCTV allows facilities to improve their security levels and protect their assets. You can keep track of the activities of your staff and visitors and ensure the smooth running of your organisation.

If you own a commercial establishment such as a restaurant or retail store, you can get real-time access to video surveillance and protect your inventory. But you must know how to use CCTV responsibly when it comes to installation and using the camera.

Make sure that you’re installing CCTV only at places where there is no expectation of privacy such as offices, malls, stores and hotels. Remember you cannot make audio recordings using your security camera as it would be a violation of people’s privacy rights.

Posting signage is the best and most effective way to let people in and around the property know that they are under surveillance. 

Why should you post CCTV signs?

CCTV signs are cost-effective and can be used to deter theft and criminal activities. The signage should display a short and clear message, you can also include a relevant image. It will let people know that their images are being captured if they are on the premises.

Sometimes CCTV cannot be seen from a distance however, having CCTV signs in a prominent location will let people know about the camera. You can secure your property and keep the thieves and intruders away by using CCTV Signs.

Another reason why you should post CCTV signage is that they are completely weatherproof. Get long-lasting and durable security solutions in the form of signage. 

Signage will help you show that your building is well-protected. The captured images and pictures on the camera can be used to identify the criminals and gather evidence against them. No matter what the size and area of your property are, you can order custom signage available in a wide range of sizes, materials and designs. 

Where should you put CCTV Signs?

If you do not choose an appropriate location for posting the signage, then all your time and money will go to waste. Think about the most vulnerable locations and areas of your building.

CCTV signage should be exactly positioned where it can be seen by anyone in or around your property. Always place the signs in a location that has adequate lighting and does not affect the movement of people or traffic. For commercial areas, the signage should be installed at every access point. If you want to post CCTV signs in your home, then make sure to cover the garage, main gate, back and side doors with the sign. 

Want to keep your home and office safe?

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